CONTEST JeniusPlay - Movie Poster Design Challenge (#LetsMovie)

From the most liked submission of the #STchallenge, you will be provided with:

  • a movie title
  • a genre & story-line for the movie
  • as well as character plots for the lead character.

Your task is to create a stunning movie poster that gives a gist of what the movie is about. You are to use yourself as the model for the lead character. Ensure that your poster matches the theme provided.


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Start Date - Friday, 10th June, 2022

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Weekly Prizes – You Can Win

JeniusPlay Moderators' Favorite Entry Selection will receive:

  • $30 cash prize every week.

Entry with the most votes will receive:

  • $20 cash prize every week. 

We will look through all submissions and select 3 designers every week to be added to our priority list of remote freelance designers. Their submissions will be publicized across our platforms.


Contest JeniusPlay Details

On Friday, at 3 pm GMT, the movie title, story-line and main character plot will be posted in the Requirements tab of this contest.

Once the brief is posted, the contest will be opened to receive entries. You will have until Wednesday to complete the task.

You can submit ONLY one entry. However, entries that DO NOT meet every single requirement will be disqualified.

On Wednesday, at 6 pm GMT, entry submission will be closed.


By deciding to participate in this contest, you hereby agree to the terms and conditions that governs all JeniusPlays on this platform.



You will have 6 days, Friday till Wednesday, to get votes for your entry. You or anyone can login to this platform to vote for submissions (see "Entries - Vote Here" tab above).

On Thursday, at 6 pm GMT, the winners will be announced.  


Benefits of Participating in this JeniusPlay

You should join for these and any other reasons you can think of:

  • Gain exposure for your skills, talents & social media profile as people review submissions and vote.
  • Get to meet and interact with new people during the contest
  • It’s an opportunity to support your friends and relatives by voting for them to win.
  • It will be fun
  • Anyone can win, you too - You can win any of the cash prizes or a chance to be added to our priority list of remote freelance designers each week.
  • The work of selected designers will be publicized across our platforms.